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Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character is Your Perfect Match?

Yu Yu Hakusho Matchmaker
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Which Yu Yu Hakusho Character is Your Perfect Match?


Welcome to YuYu-Matchmaker, the only active Yu Yu Hakusho matchmaking community on Livejournal! Much like other stamping communities, the idea is that each user fills out our community survey and posts it, wherein other users "match" them to the Yu Yu Hakusho character that they best feel they would be compatible with. Not sure what a stamping community is or how it works? Read the stamping FAQ!


  • Please be considerate when commenting, posting, and engaging in any other activities that directly influence our members. This is a lighthearted and fun community and absolutely no hate will be tolerated here.
  • As a member, it's your duty to vote! Please participate in this community once you join! There are multiple benefits available to active members including the ability to participate in special themes and the option of reapplying after you've been stamped.
  • When commenting, please bold your vote. It makes it so much easier to tally them!
  • Please vote for only one character per user. You're more than welcome to mention more than one character and the reasons why you think they would be compatible, but bold only the one you wish to vote for.
  • Absolutely do not vote without explaining your reasoning. You don't have to write out a whole paragraph (although it would be nice!), but at least include a sentence or two of why you chose who you voted for.
  • If you've been stamped with someone who you really can't stand, you will be permitted to reapply in one week provided you've been an active member. Simply track down a mod with your concerns and we'll work everything out.
  • Remember, opposites attract! Don't vote for a character who you think is exactly like the poster - try to pick out a genuinely compatible pair!
  • To prove that you've read through these rules, make "Modern Love" the subject line of your post.
  • You're permitted to ask a voter why voted for a specific character if they haven't explained it already, but absolutely do not argue with votes. The voter picked that character for a reason, even if you don't feel that he/she would be a good match with you.
  • Upload your stamp to your own server - no exceptions!
  • Once you've been voted on by eight different people or your survey has been inactive for at least one week you will be stamped. If you attain a majority vote on a character before you've been voted on by eight people, a mod will go over your application and choose whether or not to stamp you early.

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  • Available characters
  • Stamps

    un_ladylike (Matched with Hiei)

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    All graphics and stamps © un_ladylike

  • themes

  • April ♥ Gender BenderDark Tournament Teams
  • May ♥ Yu Yu Hakusho Tarot DeckPartner
  • June ♥ Weapon themeLeast Like theme
  • July ♥ Side Character Match theme
    - Hiatus -
  • February ♥ Mission theme
  • March ♥ Mirror theme

    You may always apply for past themes!

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